Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Starcraft 2: Protoss Build Order For Domination :)

My Protoss build order

When I play the Protoss I start out with building to probes then a pylon. Build 2 more probes then a gateway.Build 2 zealots and 2 probes in order of probe/zealot/probe/zealot. Now that we have some rush defense we build a cybernetics core. From here things get interesting. First off always keep building probes until your cash flow is very good. But do not tie up too much income on stacking the q with probes. Be fast and only have one or two q'ed at a time while doing other tasks. When your core is up a assimilator should always be built before the core is completed. Then gather the 50 gas needed for the stargate upgrade. Getting this allows you to mass produces units very quickly. From here on its all on you to decide what to do. This beginning startegy is all for rush def and getting stargates as quickly as possible. Remember after that second zealot try and get a stalker or two out as fast as possible if playing vs terrans because a reaper rush can cost you the game. I usually build 3 forges after I've expanded and do 3 upgrades all at once until they are maxed. This is very efficient. 

Well hoped you liked my introductory guide to Protoss and rush defence :)


  1. Great introduction. Very detailed and informative, I'm gonna check this game out later. Thanks for the post! :D

  2. ^ Agreed, this post is very insightful, now I won't suck with protoss. Thanks dude!