Monday, October 18, 2010

The DMR - How to dominate with the DMR In Halo: Reach

DMR -  Designated Marksmen Rifle
Model - M392
Type - Bullpup Select-fire battle rifle
Mag. Size - 15
Max ammo -  60
Rate of Fire -  Semi-Auto
Accuracy -  High
Range - Medium-Long

The DMR is the most common gun you will use in Halo: Reach. Learning this gun could make or break your online ranking and if you win or lose a game. The gun is best at medium to long range but can still be used at short range if you are good enough with it. 5 Direct head shots will take an enemy from full shields to dead in a drop of a pen. Note: Any 4 shots placed on the enemy will drop his shields down to zero, this makes him "one shot" which means one shot to the head will kill him. While in "one shot" it takes three body shots to down him so aim for the head!!!!! DO NOT spray and pray though. The faster you shoot the more likely you are to miss even if they are standing still! This is because as you fire the reticle spreads out then retracts after your shot. Time your shots so you do not get spread and the bullet fires straight.

To get your opponent in "one shot" you can use some nice techniques. Melee puts enemies into one shot, a grenade blast puts them in one shot and a charged plasma pistol puts them into one shot. These are common ways to get your enemy into one shot while using a DMR to finish them. There are other ways but these are the bread and butter and most common ways.

Remember with the DMR controlled well placed shots will drop an enemy very quickly. Combine this skill with a good grenade or a quick melee and it can be over even faster. I hope you have enjoyed this guide on how to Dominate with the DMR. :)


  1. dmr is also an easy way to dominate gamers! :D

  2. I'm so fucking jelly you have Reach.

  3. nice, I'll use this next time I play reach

  4. I don't play reach, but this sounds pretty cool

  5. I'm a beast in campaign with this gun. powpowpowsupporting:)

  6. that is the most badass thing i have ever seen lol

  7. I don't really play Reach, but I shared this with my friend...

  8. completly agree with sleepy dmr >>>>>>> br farrr superior