Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Calc test tomorrow

No interesting post tonight because i must study to DOMINATE this test like its a bitch and I'm a dominatrix hahaha. I'm'a whip it like a bad dog and make it tell me who is daddy. Wish me luck!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Ingredients to DOMINATE Games

Ok you have skill, you have your game face on, you have a game you are about to own at; what are you possible missing that could wreck all of this? For starters you have no hydration or snacks! To game, the gamer must be hydrated and for hydration I suggest H2.... MT. DEW OF COURSE!!!!!! That is right my friends, Mountain mother f*cking dew; NONE OF THAT THROWBACK BULLSHIT EITHER! Real ORIGINAL Mountain Dew.

Now for snacks you can have whatever you can get your hands on. Go shopping with the head of the house and you'll get more snacks you like this way.

Another important topic that leads to awesome gaming is comfort. Get a chair or a couch or something that you could sit in endlessly. You know, because you're a gamer, you'll be there alot of the time. Also relating to this, make sure your screen you are playing off of is at a good distance from you so that you can see it well and see every detail. You wouldn't want to miss something that could have made you win!

Enjoy and remember MOUNTAIN MOTHER F*CKING DEW!!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Song you may like - Off-Topic i know

Just thought maybe you guys would like this. It is the most requested song on our local rock station. I'm going with the "If it flies in Peoria, it flies anywhere" idea on this one. If we like it, the whole U.S.A. will :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Day off- Reward= Gaming chicks

Because it is my day off heres some pics for your enjoyment. :)
Mmmmh put down that gun and pick up my gun?
O baby cosplay all night long?
JAILBAIT! WATCH FOR THE DS's!!!! It's a sign of jailbait! This has been a warning!
Do they seriously think we think they are virgins? (I know its just a brand, its a joke!)
LOL. I can't complete the level to get this achievement!
Not the gaming girl you want; You can do better guys!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Last time i went camping....

Long day today

I had two, COUNT IT, TWO f*cking chemistry tests today!!!! One in my chem lecture and one in lab... God so bad then straight to work after school! so no post today!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Monopoly at McDonalds: The Scam

Fellow Bloggers this is a warning. If you happen to be lucky enough to win at this event at McDonalds, you may not have won! My sources tell me that if you collect the 2,3, or 4 pieces for a set that after you go online and enter the codes into the game, you are put into a raffle. You must then win this raffle to actually win!
Scam? Well if you read the fine print, I'm sure this is told to you but how misleading are the ads? "Collect all three and win!" Wrong.

Comment what you think :) oh hey look ads on the left side, wonder what they are, maybe we should check them out with some sort of cluck.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

League of Legends

Today I want to give a shout out to one of the best FREEEEEE games I've ever f***ing played. That game would happen to be League of Legends. The style of the game is a Defense of the Ancients game that highlights player vs. player combat. It has extensive meta and in game content. The best part? It is mainly free! It has some premium content if u get addicted to it (try it, you will) such as I have.

The reasons you should try it:
Free champions
-7 random champions a week

Tons of champions
-Currently 62 champions! Find the one you love!!!!

New champs
-New champs every 2-3 weeks usually!!!!!

Team Game play

Meta-game currency won by winning games
-IP (Influence points are in the game currency u earn for winning/losing matches)
-Spendable on champions and runes
-A way to further customize your in game character and stats

-Talent points
-Three trees to follow:
-Offense Defense Utility (mage more or less)

Premium Content
-Completely optional
-Buy new awesome looking skin for your favorite champions
-Buy more pages for your runebook
-Buy Champions right when they come out
-Buy boosts
      • 2 types
        • Xp boosts (xp as in u lvl in a meta game giving u talent points and rune slots capping at lvl 30)
        • IP boosts

This is the only Decent HD video I could find of my favorite champ Jax, the Grandmaster at Arms. Please full Screen it and turn to 1080p if you want to see it better. Still slightly blurry but meh decent footage.

It is seldom the case where a champion is defined by his actions after joining the League of Legends rather than before. Such is the case with Jax, for whom the argument could be made that he is the most prolific tournament fighter currently at the Institute of War. Before joining the League, Jax was an unremarkable soldier-for-hire. For reasons known only to the former leader of the League, High Councilor Reginald Ashram, Jax was put on the top of the list of candidates to receive a League Judgment - the interview process that either accepts or rejects a prospective champion. His Judgment was the quickest in League history, where the Doors of Acceptance glowed and slowly swung open as soon as it began. Jax faced no recorded Observation or Reflection during his Judgment.

Jax proved himself to be an immediate terror in the Fields of Justice. The self-proclaimed ''Armsmaster of the League'' rattled off a streak of consecutive wins that to this day has not been matched. A number of summoners in the League grew concerned that the perceived objectivity of the League of Legends would be questioned by the presence of an unknown fighter who was unbeatable. For this reason, the new leader of the League (following Reginald Ashram's disappearance) , High Councilor Heyward Relivash, created special restrictions for Jax to fight under. This was something the League had never done before, and something which has never been done since. The burly fighter responded by imposing his own special conditions; as a means of protest, he permitted himself to fight using only a brass lamppost. Neither the League's sanctions nor his own has affected his winning ways. The League has since rescinded its sanctions, but Jax has not; he fights and fights well with his trusty brass lamppost.

''Be advised - there has been an outbreak of lamppost-shaped bruises in the League of Legends.'' -- Gragas

May do a guide on how to dominate with him later.
Hope you liked an introduction to the amazing game that is League of Legends!!!.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Added some pictures on blog

Enjoy the nice new video game pictures on my blog. The spartan looking man is Pantheon from League of legends :). Big post about that game tomorrow! Be sure to check it out. It's one of the best games known to man and it is free!

Tired today

Sorry guys. No interesting post today. Hung up with friends last night till very late then had to get up for school :/. Good times though! Comment if you support good times with the buds :D

Monday, October 18, 2010

The DMR - How to dominate with the DMR In Halo: Reach

DMR -  Designated Marksmen Rifle
Model - M392
Type - Bullpup Select-fire battle rifle
Mag. Size - 15
Max ammo -  60
Rate of Fire -  Semi-Auto
Accuracy -  High
Range - Medium-Long

The DMR is the most common gun you will use in Halo: Reach. Learning this gun could make or break your online ranking and if you win or lose a game. The gun is best at medium to long range but can still be used at short range if you are good enough with it. 5 Direct head shots will take an enemy from full shields to dead in a drop of a pen. Note: Any 4 shots placed on the enemy will drop his shields down to zero, this makes him "one shot" which means one shot to the head will kill him. While in "one shot" it takes three body shots to down him so aim for the head!!!!! DO NOT spray and pray though. The faster you shoot the more likely you are to miss even if they are standing still! This is because as you fire the reticle spreads out then retracts after your shot. Time your shots so you do not get spread and the bullet fires straight.

To get your opponent in "one shot" you can use some nice techniques. Melee puts enemies into one shot, a grenade blast puts them in one shot and a charged plasma pistol puts them into one shot. These are common ways to get your enemy into one shot while using a DMR to finish them. There are other ways but these are the bread and butter and most common ways.

Remember with the DMR controlled well placed shots will drop an enemy very quickly. Combine this skill with a good grenade or a quick melee and it can be over even faster. I hope you have enjoyed this guide on how to Dominate with the DMR. :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A personal Song That connects with me in alot of ways.

I love this song.

Halo: Reach

If you haven't yet played Halo: Reach I suggest you at least rent it and play through it. This is one high res image from the game. Very good game. Future strategies will come in the blog for the game soon.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A fantastic Starcraft 2 Match at the pro level

This match displays how a macro economy can completely destroy a small defensive player.
Enjoy :) Best game ever btw.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Starcraft 2: Protoss Build Order For Domination :)

My Protoss build order

When I play the Protoss I start out with building to probes then a pylon. Build 2 more probes then a gateway.Build 2 zealots and 2 probes in order of probe/zealot/probe/zealot. Now that we have some rush defense we build a cybernetics core. From here things get interesting. First off always keep building probes until your cash flow is very good. But do not tie up too much income on stacking the q with probes. Be fast and only have one or two q'ed at a time while doing other tasks. When your core is up a assimilator should always be built before the core is completed. Then gather the 50 gas needed for the stargate upgrade. Getting this allows you to mass produces units very quickly. From here on its all on you to decide what to do. This beginning startegy is all for rush def and getting stargates as quickly as possible. Remember after that second zealot try and get a stalker or two out as fast as possible if playing vs terrans because a reaper rush can cost you the game. I usually build 3 forges after I've expanded and do 3 upgrades all at once until they are maxed. This is very efficient. 

Well hoped you liked my introductory guide to Protoss and rush defence :)